Best Wedding Planner Apps

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding then you might be interested in the best wedding catering equipment hire London has to offer – that’s one job to tick off your list!

However, we’re not the only ones helping your big day go a little smoother – the world of technology is also primed and ready to help.

There are more wedding planner apps than ever before, but the tech gurus over at Mashable UK have tried and tested a whole lot so you don’t have to – take a look at their best three and pick your favourite.

First up is an app called WeddingHappy. First up, it’s free – happy indeed! This app is perfect for those of you who don’t usually venture much further than texts or calls on your smart phone, as its very beginner friendly. It allows you to quickly put in the date of the big day and will then calculate a plan and suggest a checklist. There is also a feature to help you keep on top of that all-important budget and make sure you don’t over spend.

Next up, app Wedding Planner By The Knot –  another great all in one app with checklist and budgeting. The benefit of this app is that it also allows you access to make contact with various companies and contractors and directly search out venue and plan meetings.

Finally is the Appy Couple app, which allows users to have a very organised and interactive experience with your wedding guests. You’ll be able to send out the all-important invitations and receive their RSVPs back – if any of the guests have extra questions they need answering then they can also directly send you a message.