Drinks Trends For Your Wedding

When you have sorted out the best glassware hire Essex has to offer then you need to start thinking about which drinks you will serve your guests.

The drinks you serve to welcome guests are increasingly being used by many couples to express themselves and their individuality, and you should have some fun trying all the options available to you before you decide on one.

Here are some of the top drinks trends 2017 has to offer:


  1. Small batch spirits

Small batch spirits, or ‘vintage’ spirits if you like, have taken the market by storm in recent years. Whether you want a small batch gin distilled with hand-picked herbs from the Isle of Skye, or a punk-style small batch single malt, there is likely to be something to everyone’s taste.

These are likely to involve a fairly large expenditure, so they are perfect for welcome drinks where you can control the quantities being poured.


  1. Craft beers

In a similar vein, craft beers have obviously become incredibly popular in recent years. Though these aren’t a traditional welcome drink they will prove incredibly popular on a hot summers day. Visit a local brewery for a personal touch.


  1. Adventurous tastes

How about a little chilli in your beer? Or a wine designed to be drunk alongside the chocolate wedding cake you decided on. Adventurous tastes are another top trend for weddings, as unusual drinks will probably be remembered much more than the overpriced bottles of fizz everyone else leaves on the table.

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