Filipino: The Next Big Food Trend?

For those using the best cater equipment Essex has to offer for street-style food, you may want to place your business bet on Filipino food as the next big trend. If this prediction in the Independent by top US chef and food writer Anthony Bourdain is to be believed, we might just be seeing more restaurants and pop-ups based on this intriguing cuisine.

According to Bourdain, traditional Filipino food has a lot of sour and bitter notes to it – something that was somewhat alien to the majority of western palates for some time, but as the likes of the US and UK has explored the world of food more and more, he now thinks we’re ready for it.

His introduction to the cuisine? Something called sisig – a dish made from snout, jowl, tongue and ear of pig. He says of the dish:  “I think it’s the most likely to convince people abroad who have had no exposure to Filipino food to maybe look further and investigate further beyond sisig. I think that’s the one that’s gonna hook them.”

If you do fancy giving Filipino a go, you first port of call should be Romulo Cafe in London, which promises to deliver a modern twist on the taste of the Philippines. We’ve spent a little time drooling over the menu and the unusual sounding combinations. Lots of egg, pickles, fish, pork and coconut feature heavily on this delicious sounding range. Fried chicken and banana ‘catsup’, anyone?

We can definitely see this kind of food being big here in the UK!