Pet-Friendly Events – What Are Your Thoughts?

If you’re looking for something a little different for your next event, what about making it pet-friendly and seeing how your delegates respond?

In 2016, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association found that 40 per cent of households in the UK have pets and the country’s pet population currently stands at about 57 million… which is a massive demographic that as an event planner you would perhaps be a little foolish to ignore.

As such, coming up with an event that centres around people and their cats and dogs, and which also gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your latest goods and services, could be a brilliant idea.

Your first port of call should be to locate a meeting venue that is happy to accommodate pets and their owners. Also make sure that there is sufficient pet-friendly accommodation nearby for those who may have to travel far for your event. It might be worth getting in touch with the venue and accommodation providers to see if you can collaborate and perhaps offer delegates some money off or some freebies to further entice them through the doors.

Make sure you let your guests know, however, if there are any pet restrictions and other policies well ahead of the event itself so they can prepare.

You could also tie in with a service like Borrow My Doggy or another pet-sitting company that’s local to where you’re having your event – or perhaps provide a doggie day care facility so that guests can leave their precious pets for half an hour or so to really pay attention during your conference.

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