Teetotallers On The Rise, It Would Seem!

Of course, if you’re planning an event, you have to factor a bar in there somewhere. People will always want to have a drink, especially if it’s an evening affair. But you might be wise to ensure that there are all sorts of different and interesting soft drinks available to keep those who don’t choose to imbibe just as happy as those who do.

New Office for National Statistics data has just revealed that teetotalism is on the increase, with the proportion of adults who say they drink booze now at the lowest level on record, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Interestingly, 21 per cent of adults now say they don’t drink at all, while young people are also increasingly turning their backs on alcohol.

So what could you serve to keep people interested apart from fizzy drinks, fruit juices and water? Mocktails are always an excellent option since they’re delicious, sound exotic and look beautiful in the glass. Or you could offer up smoothies, which would be perfect for a daytime do in the summer – especially if your event is centred around a healthy theme.

Or what about something like a lassi? This is a highly refreshing Indian drink that’s intended to help cool the palate after eating spicy food. It’s got a yoghurt base, with rosewater and sugar to make it sweet, or you can have it savoury simply by adding cumin or coriander.

If you have the facilities, you could also do something fun with ice cubes to make drinking water more interesting as well. What about chopping up a watermelon into little cubes, freezing them and then popping them into glasses of water and lemonade for a truly refreshing summer drink?

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