Wedding Guest Costs Hit £1,728

With the summer months fast approaching, wedding season is about to get underway – and no doubt brides and grooms everywhere are getting rather excited about their big days. But spare a thought for your wedding guests, who are apparently set to celebrate on average four weddings this year.

New research from American Express has just revealed that this means your friends and family will be spending an impressive £1,728 on average on weddings in 2017, with the biggest expense set to be the gift – £85.

Other costs your guests will have to face include hotel accommodation (£74), a new outfit (£71) and then travel to the venue (£64). And the bill is even bigger for those invited to be part of the ceremony, with bridesmaids spending over £650 for each wedding, while the hen do is the biggest expense for them at £140.

Bearing in mind the expense of getting married might be wise for those taking the plunge this year. Yes, weddings can be expensive and it’s your choice to spend however much you want but perhaps try and limit the costs for friends and family if you can.

You could, for example, stay in the UK for your hen or stag do. There’s a huge trend these days for going abroad for a few days, but this quickly adds up and it could cause a bit of friction within your group of friends. So why not see if there’s something you all could do closer to home that won’t break the bank quite as much?

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