Will You Live Video Stream Your Next Event?

It’s all about Facebook Live at the moment and if you’re an event planner looking for a new and interesting way to engage with both your delegates and those unable to make your shindig, it might be a great option for you.

Live video streaming has been hitting the news for a fair few months now but Facebook Live means that anyone can do it, whether they’ve got extensive tech skills or otherwise. It also means that you don’t need to invest in any expensive equipment or hire it out, since all you really need is a good quality smartphone and a reliable WiFi connection.

Videos you make will show up in the Facebook news feed, as well as your page or profile when you do go live. It’s very easy to do – just hit the Live button you see on your news feed and then give Facebook access to your microphone and camera when prompted. You’ll also need to select privacy settings before you go live so you can pick and choose who can see your broadcast.

Don’t forget to add a description of what your video is about so you can engage with people who may not necessarily know what you’re up to. Adding in a location may also be a good idea. Then just point your camera in the right direction and start filming away!

Decide ahead of time whether you want to go live or not so that you can market it appropriately before the event. You’ll also need to check whether your internet connection is strong enough before you get to this point so you can avoid disappointing people.

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